Timber Choice for your Gates

Scandinavian Redwood

Scandinavian Redwood (pine) is one of the most cost effective timbers to choose for gates whilst moderately resistant to decay, we use it for all the ‘heads’, ‘heels’ and top bars of the field gates and also produce a cost effective entrance gate is several of the boarded styles. All filed gates are supplied pressure tantalised and our entrance gates we recommend a spirit based preservative prior to installation and exposure to the weather.


Iroko is a hard wearing West African hardwood, it is naturally resistant to decay and attack by insects making it extremely suited to all types of Entrance gates exposed to the British weather. Light golden brown through to darker shades of brown its variations even out over time. It also weathers to silver grey patina within about a year if left untreated. Iroko should have a service life of 25 years or more.


Accoya® wood is a modified wood. Manufactured using a non-toxic treatment and timber sourced from sustainable forests, Accoya® wood has properties that match those of the best tropical hardwoods. Ideally suited to factory coatings of paint finishes, this is our only choice for painted gates.

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Timber Choices from Lund Gates